I'm part of the community because?

I’m from:


my social media channel with the greatest reach:

I make videos and have a 24/7 Livestream share videos and posts by twitter and start now the same on Instagram

And now it‘s your turn :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

let’s follow each other like retweet to keep the project and community growing


because its a community project.
It let me feel like years ago with LTC or Doge


My goal is to guarantee long-term financial security for my children and myself. I know how important it is to start investing early. The younger you are, the more risky investments you can make if you spread them out well. Inuko is one of those very young but high risk/reward projects.

It is the same with projects: the younger they are, the more opportunities they offer. Inuko Finance offers a long-term investment with steady payouts. I could deviersify the payouts in other projects, for example. The concept to get more traffic on the token sounds coherent. And as a community project, I can influence the development. Where else can you get that?

Of course, there is a risk here as well, but I am willing to take it. Don’t invest more than you can afford to loose.

And for the German speaking Community:
Falls Ihr Euch auch fragt, wie Ihr für Eure Kinder oder mit Euren Kindern besser vorsorgen könnt, als mit einem Sparbuch, dann schaut doch mal bei http://www.kinderaktionaer.de vorbei… Über Finanzen kann man nicht früh genug reden.