Add social/charity option to spend reflections

My idea is to add an option to spend all or parts of reflections to a social/charity project. Holders can choose, if they want to spend something (for example 10%) of their reflections (can be changed any time, active with next reflection distribution). This value (USDT) will be transferred directly into a wallet which is used for spendings to social projects. This wallet is locked (no Team-Wallet) and Holders can propose projects and can vote for them). After a defined amount of USDT (for example 1000$) is reached, it will be used for the current community selected social project. High transparency of this wallet is required.

With this social/charity aspect, the reputation of Inuko Finance and also of crypto space can be improved.

Many small spendings end in a big amount of spending and many people in the world need help to get food, water, education, houses,…

Lets help them together with power of Inuko Finance Army!!


Sounds good, we can help other people with Inukp :heart_eyes: we stay strong and can do a good job with your idea, what I think the owner from Inuko can make a wallet for your idea and we can spend what we think it’s right on this wallet and then we can talk Anmut where is getting the money


Nice idea! We will review this. We’ll also need to consider costs involved as development, business development with NGOs and market effort is required for this to work.


once i let build a fountain in Africa. It cost around €1200 and at the end you get pictures of the construction work and the finished well.
You can also name the fountain, then there is a big sign on the fountain.